Author Marketing Plan 5 Essentials

Your author marketing plan is an overview of your goals for your book and yourself as an author, and you can start developing it before you write your first sentence.

Your author marketing plan is the broad overview of what your goals are for your book and for yourself as an author – and the steps you plan to take to reach those goals.

You can begin developing your marketing plan by conducting research before you even type the first sentence of your book. You can always refine your research at any stage of the publishing process, whether you’re still writing your manuscript, are waiting to hear back from an agent, or are in talks with your publisher. There is always more to learn!

If you’ve already written your book, don’t worry: it’s never too late to research and define your book from a marketing perspective. Part of that research will require that you define and answer the following, regardless of which stage of writing or publishing you are in.

1. Identify your target audience
Be very specific! There may be multiple groups of people that would be interested in your book, but it’s best to narrow your focus before you start your marketing efforts and identify a clear target audience. Consider characteristics like age, gender, career, income, location, and educational background. Clarifying your target audience, like you may do with your first beta readers, will help you to find your niche and make your marketing much easier and more effective later down the line. You can then search out the best means of reaching your audience and execute your marketing endeavors with a clear plan of action.

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